Get hired without trying.

Instantly send your resume to hundreds of recruiters—leading to more connections, more interviews, and more job offers.

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Are you SICK of ...

Spending soul-sapping hours searching through online job boards?
Filling out long, carpal-tunnel-inducing application forms?
Receiving short rejection emails in return (and that’s if you hear back at all)?



JobResQ is an exclusively selected database of recruiters that you can download, growing your network and job prospects in minutes.

It’s like a giant scouting department, with the potential to take your career to heights you’ve never dreamed possible.


The problem?
Job sites don’t work anymore.

Did you know?

of jobs are never advertised or posted on job boards.
For the average online job posting
Only 2%
of applicants  are called for an interview.
Many companies use software to screen resumes, weeding out up to
50% of applications

Yup. Job sites are SO yesterday.
But some age-old advice will never die...

Getting a job mostly comes down to one thing:

How does it work?

Purchase & download
the database from our website.
Copy & paste
the emails into the BCC field.
Attach your resume
and any other relevant docs.
Get noticedand get hired! (and get back to Netflix).

What makes JobResQ different?

Less Time

Stop wasting hours and hours clicking “apply.” Download our network in seconds.

More Visibility

Get seen by hundreds of the RIGHT people. No more sending resumes into the dark void of cyberspace.

More Access

Get access to the 80% of jobs never advertised on job sites, from entry level to the C-suite and everything in between.

More Connections

Gain access to recruiters with the connections you need—and who WANT you to succeed.

So, how's your job search going to end?

Buy the Network
Get access to your personal scouting team.
Significantly increase your chances of landing a great job.
Grow your network & create relationships that’ll last you throughout your career.
Buy the network!
DON’T buy the Network
Spend sleepless nights filling out maddening applications, with slim chances of landing an interview.
Keep refreshing your inbox, waiting for replies that never come.
Continue waiting for opportunity to knock (and eating WAY too much ramen.)